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Emergency Bride TG :iconbraverunnerii:braverunnerII 36 5
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Body Thief TG :iconbraverunnerii:braverunnerII 108 4
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A Very Happy Accident TG :iconnapalm816:Napalm816 106 1
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Accidents Happen - TG Story :iconsprite09:Sprite09 94 3
What's Matter is Your Inner Beauty, Not Outer. :iconjachan19:Jachan19 36 9
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How to Steal an Awesome Car Out From Car Show :iconjachan19:Jachan19 58 15
TG caption: New home, new rules. :iconfrommisogynisttomaid:FromMisogynistToMaid 112 8
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A New Position TG :iconprincess-kiyomi:princess-kiyomi 22 0
Being you part 1 (Amy and Rouge)
Amy Rose is taking a nice stroll through the park on a nice day "Such a lovely day to take a walk through the park. I wish my Sonic was here walking with me." A cold wind goes by causing her to shiver. "Burrr though I wish I brought my coat."
Amy continued through down the park, further up the path, hiding behind a tree that's to side. Is a figure wearing black clothing from top to bottom. A black hoodie with the hood up, a small black bandana covering the nose and lower part of the face, black gloves, black pants, and black shoes.
The reason for this hiding and dark clothing, is that the mysterious figure has plans and needs the pink hedgehog out of the way. Peeking a bit, the figure sees the hedgehog is still heading their way.
A grin formed under the bandana mask. 'Almost, just get a bit closer.' Amy kept walking, unaware of the danger she's in. Just as she passed the tree the, the figure jumped out and grabbed Amy from behind.
They then placed a soak rag over Amy's face and pulled
:iconsonicpower24:sonicpower24 23 3
Trading Places
It was another day for siblings Jamie and James. They were siblings with Jamie being the oldest while James was the youngest but well, both had gained a nickname from their household and just about everyone else in their small town in which they lived in. The Bickerson Siblings obviously mocking how much they bickered at just about anything. It was rough on their single mother who had an small office job but was to getting annoyed by the constant squabbling between the two until one day.
"Darn you James!" Yelled the bossy older sister Jamie walking out of her room in nothing but a towel over her body. "I know you see my uniform in there on the counter! Now give it to me pronto!" She said, her face turning red with anger standing in front of a brown door in a hallway.
Jamie had long black silky hair that was very shiny, yellow eyes that ran in her family same for her brother and mother whom they inherited it from, a tiny build really being skinny and slim but tall. She also had a slight
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 69 20
Trying Out For The Team
Dave was always into gymnastics. He dreamed of one day going pro and making it to the Olympics and win gold for his country and family to make them proud. But Dave wasn't flexible as he tried to be. He just couldn't do it no matter how hard he tried. Sometimes people would make fun of him for wanting to pursue it. But one day that all changed...
Dave was in his usual spot watching the girls gymnastics team practice while sitting in the bleachers. Since the school didn't have a boys team that was the closest he got. He would spend hours admiring their graceful moves and flips and such. He sighed a bit.
"Oh man, another day another practice. If only their was some way I could do all that. But oh well." Dave said defeated getting his things. When the girls were leaving he headed for the door but a hand stopped him.
"Where are you going Dave?" A cute little voice said with him turning to see his friend Emily. She had long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes and body was perfect. She made him
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 287 44
Can I Make Her a Lesbian? Part 1
How can I win the heart of a girl I’ve never talked to. The thoughts raced through my head every single day of my freshman year in high school. For the class president, Allison – commonly called Alli, was the girl of my dreams. Her perfect blonde hair, her passion for archery, her gentle yet firm aura, I just loved everything about her.
I passed through the cafeteria towards the table with my friends. Yet a girl sprung in front on me with her arms spread out. “Stop!” she said. “Don’t infect us with your germs! Don’t come near Alli’s table!” Yes, indeed, this repeated every day. I was considered a band kid. Band kids were a type of nerd, and were not allowed near the jocks. Though isn’t a jock only meant for a guy? Let’s say, the athletic girls. Alli was one of them.
We sat down at our usual table and had our usual jokes about the trumpeters of the band while eating our usual meal. Then we went to the lockers to get our t
:iconmeliran:Meliran 212 7
New Techniques- Tg [Ch.1]
Finishing before everyone else I entered the locker room to take a quick shower. The water always feels so warm, so comforting. My trick was to take a slightly cold shower before I entered the pool. The pool was always cold. Around 65 degrees was the warmest it’s been. Anyway I finished with my rinse and went to change. I was about to take off my swimsuit when I noticed it was really tight tighter than it had been. Not only that, it had grown bigger. To see I stood in front of the mirror. I found it amazing; my Speedo had grown up my body into the girls’ swimsuit. “This is so weird.” I attempted to take it off again, but it wouldn’t. I was afraid at what would come next. My skin tingled as two lumps grew out of my chest. I then went into panic-mode. At his point I thought this might have just been a small joke.
I knew the other guys would be coming in from practice any second. I needed to at least get out of the MEN’s locker room. I found my things and mad
:icondzrkarts:DzrkArts 203 7
Gym :iconpuffin-platthy:puffin-platthy 21 5
Mature content
Kidnapped by a Stripper :iconztv25:ZTV25 16 0
Mature content
tg story 1: the letter :iconfreedomfart:freedomfart 23 2


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